Sunday, March 19, 2006

My lame SXSW recap

I had a dayjob this year. Any real Austinite doesn't buy wristabands or badges (if you're lucky, you them shits for free... I wasn't so lucky this year).

So, I mainly hit up the free spots. I checked out a lot of shit, most of it was your usual dirty hair boys looking like Vincent Gallo and girls with cute haircuts checking out each others gear. BTW, my Han Cholo neckpiece was a major hit with all the kiddies.

So here are some of the "tings" I didded:
Fuckemos at Victory Grill outside. Hardcore shit, very fitting for the Vice Party.
There was a dude with a weird alien mask thing going on, walk around like everything was normal.

I standing right next to Lady Sov's tiny thug self at her Vice Magazine performance.
There were lots of technical difficulties. Sov did here thing, unfortunately, the dj couldn't touch his mixer without it killing the sound. Hung out with the recently married Javi and Chia. Later on Larry (Lauretz) and Leslie went back to my crib which was only 2 blocks away and we drank some more with Alan and his out of town friend.

Later that evening...
I was at the Tommie Sunshine/Arthur Baker party at Factory People, but mostly hung outside and shot the shit with Pete from Echobase and his crew. I walked in and Uffie was playing. I find her music annoying, eventhough she is very Huxtable.

I had to leave early so I could make it to the job next day, I heard Arthur Baker didn't play. I heard Har Mar Superstar "shirtslapped" that Feadz guy and told him to get off the decks. Bobby from Boys and Girls Club got in his grill and called him a fat bald asshole or something. Bobby is cool. But that was at another club and an unrelated story, but I ran into Bobby and SuperfuckingCool Craig at FP and they told me the awesomeness.

We went to the Diesel party after that and missed Voxtrot, but saw Editors play (not bad at all). More free beer. Ran into Travis, Daphna, Sean, Al, Tiffany, and a whole bunch of people I can never remember names, but will never forget their faces type shit. Then, the mustached skinny boy Christiane F looking motherfuckers started playing the tootsie roll and dancing like tampons. It's times like this I wish I were a swole hoodrat and bitchslap them on principle alone. White kids get shook when they're around ethnic folk who actually dance to that shit without a trace of irony, but in wonderbread land, geeking out dumb style is okay. Do that shit at the End Up, you chickenshits.

I went home after that (I think)/

Next day:

I hung out at Factory People again for their happy hour where I got to meet one of my favorite NYC DJs, Cosmo Baker. Dude was real cool, glad I got to meet him in person. I still have to listen to the ITMR pt. 2 CD, but it's probably gonna be proper.

FP was full of Austin and Houston minor DJ celebrities (Witnes, Klassen, Chicken George, Nicknack, X-man, Ceeplus, The Are, Zin...) DJ homies are where it's at. Unfortunately, Big Time Smelly wasn't there (or the upandcoming dookie genius, Trent, aka Dayta... who always provides the witty banter and comic relief).

We went over to Victory Grill to catch Lupe Fiaso, but instead, there was a band that sounded like fucking Nickelback (swear to Jesus). Saw superstar photographer Courntey and bounced to check out the Gomi thing at Gomi. I ate a which wich sandwich and Nick is right, that dude does look like Richard Henry aka T25YOV.

Ran into Dagger and Scuba (thanks for the backpack brew fellas), Steve, Rae, Chris Madgod, and the big homie Sean Richards. We drank the beer and jetted to the Misshapes party, but there were only 10 misshapers and 100 5th street steikers.

Bounced to Barcelona where I ran into Tats and Tarek (the ill Lebanese/Brazillian).
Went to the Pig after that and checked out The Rakes. I liked The Rakes. So did the crowd. We missed Moving Units.

I went to bed after that and was gonna go to the free food and free alcohol Femi Kuti thing (Dana gave me a VIP wristband.. which I don't even know if I needed). But it rained and I had to get my records together for a PAID Auditorium Shores evening gig.
I ate some chicken and waffles at Mimi's with Alan, Goyo, Jenn and crew (plus the big dogs, literally) and had to jet to the gig.

I got there and Boyardee was playing, I had to follow. Luckily the rain stopped. It was some New Orleans type show with brass bands, Allen Tousiant, all that jazz (Austines love that shit). I played funk and more funk. I had them little kids dancing boy I tell you. 7 year olds are the shit. I had the moms and older folk getting down too. Yeah dude, I killed it on that bus.

Then, I had some hippie hip hop looking kids getting stupid dumb when I played Cymande and the fucking wind blew my needles off the record (boo to the wind). The power cut out in one of my old ass J Geils Band routines. Left that thing, and went to my homie Miguel's showcase at Longbranch. Ran into Will from Brothers and Sisters and checked out my other homies, The Black Angels, before I had to leave for the afterparty, at which point, I decided to just crash out and do my body a solid.
BTW, Psychic Ills is the SHIT! I felt like some Kenneth Anger/Pink Floyd at Pompeii/Galaxy 500 vibe. Reminded me of high schooling.

too bad I missed: BIG DADDY KANE, Spankrock, Birdy Nam Nam, Animal Collective, MadVillain (fuck).

Lucky Jenny had TTC and Uffie and them stay at her crib. She told me about after parties but my old ass self needs rest.

I told you my recap was lame. Later On Donkey Kong.

Necessary gulliness

Serge Gainsbourg is in it (so is Donald a role similar to THX...kinda)
Your liberal ass will enjoy it.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scott Walker 3

It's raining, I'm tired from all this SXSW mayhem. This album is perfect for right now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hell yeah

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Man, I wonder how all the pretentious DJ Shadow fans feel about this video. Let the hatering (and weeding out) begin.

In other news, THE (most righteous-uber_splendiferous) ELECTRIC COMPANY DVD is the SHIT! If you really know me, I you know I cut for anything 1970's (the most ass-kicking decade in the history of history).


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Block Party

This movie is too amped. I want that poster, looking all like a flier for a Zulu Nation function circa 1981.

Been pretty late on everything, free time is not as ample as it used to be. Fret not cats and kittens, the next installment of our periodic party where we play all the dirty dance fun music is on Saturday March 11th.

Doors open at 10pm
cover is $3.00 (21 and over)
party till 2am.

Special guests: Cry Blood Apache

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Erotic City 3 :: Saturday March 11th

Friday, February 03, 2006

Update Feb 03-06

It's been a busy and busy last few weeks.
Here's a recap:

1. I deejayed the Beats of Basquiat party in Houston. Over 5,000 people came out. It was a good time.
2. I moved into a new house. The old place was sort of conservative, the new place gels with my creative spirit.
3. Sandwiches, the weekly at Tambaleo is no longer happening.
4. Erotic City (the periodic dance party by me, Young Adorable and guests) is going well and it seems like people are definitely getting into the spirit of what we're playing.
5. I got a new design job. I deejayed for 3 years straight as my primary source of income. I discovered I'm actually an artist that happens to deejay as opposed to a deejay that likes art. I don't enjoy playing as often as I did. I'd rather be more selective and take more risks without having to worry about paying bills and dealing with lame girls who want to hear the Laffy Taffy (yes, this is the part where some of you will call me a snob or a hater... you're probably right, but chances are you're not)
6. I will finally begin producing some material but I will start out with remixes.
7. I am also getting back into the paint mode.
8. Been playing the guitar a lot more and I may play out once we get our chops together (too many influences, gotta focus)
9. DJ Ayres mix on Lemon-Red is beyond good.
10. Diplo's mix from the Guggenheim is also nice (I'm not a fan of the whole Baile Funk thing, but his remixes are on point).